With employee volunteering you can have a great impact on local communities. The knowledge, network and skils shared are very valuable to small social enterprises. But did you know employee volunteering has a lot of HRM effets as well? People Power made an overwiew for you.

HRM Effect of Employee Volunteering
1. Personal fulfilment: individual aspirations and motivation.
2. Personal satisfaction: pride and satisfaction through helping others.
3. Personal development: improvement in personal and social skills.
4. Teambuilding: increased internal cohesion, contacts and camaraderie.
5. Broadening horizons: widening the interest span of volunteers
6. Loyalty: appreciation, satisfaction and pride towards company.
7. Visibility: improved company image/reputation
Read more: The rewards of corporate giving, by Lonneke Roza, Lucas Meijs and Peeter Verlegh.

HRM effects of the Social Accelerator
The Social Accelerator focusses on #3 (Personal Development), #4 (Teambuilding) and #5 (broadening Horizons). We combine working together in teams with an agile approach on a challenge of a social cause. This simple, but effective workshop makes learning and making impact fun to do!

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